Full course meal
Complementary wine and valuable prizes
Intertainment by Fayyad Elyabroudy and 2 DJ’s
4 scholarships to university students (prepare the applications, more info will follow for the rules)
احجز 7 آذار للاحتفال
مائدة مميزة وكثير من الهدايا الثمينة
يحيي الاحتفال المطرب الشبابي فياض اليبرودي مع اثنين د ج
اربع منح جامعية للطلاب (تصلكم استمارات التسجيل لاحقا

Hi everyone! I would like to offer information on the upcoming SCC annual camping trip. Date is June 28-July 1st. Rock Island campground. Just west of Brockville Ontario. Same place we camped at last year. A lot of us are making plans for the summer, please mark your calendars and let us know if you will be joining us. All you need to do for now is contact michel@scclub.ca if you will be camping with us. Thanks so much for your cooperation. TS